God will glorify Jesus Christ

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 68

God will glorify.
   Jesus Christ
since he has
   proven devoted
      to what is right.
So how long.
   will God allow
      the world to mock
the knowledge of
   the Son of God?
Are his efforts.
   all in vain?
Is our worship of him
He has certainly.
   earned the right
to be glorified in our 
For he has given up his .
to benefit all mankind.
It was the earth
   that made him suffer.
And so the earth
   shall see his glory
      when he returns. 
if he can no longer die,
then he will
   forever stay alive.
If he will not.
   rot in the ground,
then he will be
   lifted up above
      the clouds.
He was crucified.
   behind the
      Temple Mount.
He will be glorified
   in front of it.
He was buried.
behind the
   Temple Mount..
But his glory will appear
   in the sky so clear
   in front of 
      the Temple Mount.  102
For one day
   he will appear
      to all mankind
in glorious splendor
   in the sky.
No longer.
   will his honor
      be denied.
For every eye
   shall see him there
      when he is glorified. 
There was no
   mistake in the fact
      that he was crucified.
There will be no
   mistake about it
      when he is glorified.
Darkness covered the. 
      when he died.
But his appearing
   will be very bright.  103
For he will appear.
   bigger than life,
in living color,
   in the clear, blue sky,
the Truth of God,
   come in the flesh,
      definitely alive.
And when Christ appears 
   in the sky,
no one will be able
   to deny
that the dead can also.
   come back to life.
And so the resurrection
   will occur at that time, 
and those who love God
   will be given
      new life.  104
For Jesus has been 
   proven right.
So he will be glorified.
And his appearing
   will prove in a more
      general light
that those who are right.
   shall be glorified.
And for those who honor
   Jesus Christ,
his appearing will prove
   that they were right.
And if they have been.
   proven right,
then they shall also
   be glorified.
when Jesus Christ
   finally appears,
those who love him
   shall be gathered there.
They shall be.
   glorified in the air
just as he is when he
   appears.  105..



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