Glorified at his Second-Coming

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 69

And the.
   resurrection glory
      of that day
will prove that his 
   efforts for us
      were not in vain.
It will prove that our.
   faith in him
      is not insane.
For we shall then
   be forever saved.
But if those who are right
   will be glorified,
then those who are not
   will be horrified.
For those who mock.
   the knowledge of him
will see his glory
   to the fullest extent.
Then they shall know.
   how wrong they have 
to mock with such pride
   and arrogance. 
What they have done.
   to him
will be
   done unto them.  106
They shall be held.
   in contempt
and put to shame
For the world.
   judged him when he 
      was crucified.
But he will
   judge the world
      when he is glorified.
So the question left
   on everyone’s mind
is when will Jesus
   be glorified
before the eyes
   of all mankind?
If he is Lord of lords.
   and King of kings,
then when will he
   begin to reign?
And if he will surely.
   come again,
then what signs
   will tell us
   that this will soon 
Does God do anything.
   for no reason at all?
Will his coming
   have no purpose
      that we can know of?
After so many years.
   of trouble and pain,
will his coming
   be all for nothing?
Will his appearing
   be in vain?
God is totally justified
   in whatever he does.
And everything he does
   is all for good cause.
There will be no doubt.
   that he is just
when he finally does
   appear to us.
the reason he will come
   will be of the utmost 
And the issue at stake
   will be the
   very existence
      of righteousness. 
when evil is about
   to rule the world,
then he will come
   and take control. 
And when the world.
   is on the verge
      of utter destruction,
then he will appear to 
   us.  107..



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