God is Logic

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 7

Yet these.
   precepts of truth
      and correct principles
always give
   consistent results.
And they work together.
   in harmony
without ever
 contradicting themselves.
So they testify.
   to the faithful
      of logic itself. 
And this demonstrates
   that logic is
the ultimate controlling
   force.  10
For logic ultimately
   determines all things.
It decides
   what the facts will be.
It contains.
   all the knowledge
      of reality.
It exists everywhere;
it lives forever.
logic is God Almighty!  11
God is perfect
He is reason, truth,
   and the life of all 
He is perfect.
he created all things,
and he holds it together
   by his mighty strength.
He is the one.
   who made heaven and
He is the one
   who brought life to
He is the one.
   who existed first.
And he is the one
   who will exist in the
Yet there is only one God
   who is responsible
for everything that
   happens in the world.
For two inconsistent facts.
   from two independent
cannot both exist
   in the world in which
      we live.
And if anything else were.
      you would ask, 
how does that stand
   to reason.
So reason itself is God
   who governs all
So you cannot prove
   that there is no God.
For you would only
by the very act.
   of presenting your
that logic indeed
   determines the facts,
and so thus it must exist...

10. here I'm casting logic into the role of God and angels into the role of principles of reason. For the logic that maintains the consistency of all facts seems to exists everywhere at all times and controls everything. So it is eternal, omnipresent, and all powerful like God.

11. See John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." The use of "Word" is a translation of the original Greek word "logos" which also mean reasoning. The word "logic" is also derived from the same Greek word "logos". So I think it's fair to say God is Logic. In Genesis God spoke and the world was created. One can only state propositions. And another term for word is proposition. This seems to indicate that the logic of propositions was used to create the universe.



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