Purpose of his Coming

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 70

his coming will
   save the world
      from utter chaos.
And his appearing.
  will champion the cause
     of what is just.
So Christ will not be
before the eyes
   of all mankind,
until he is totally.
and proven right. 
There will be no question
   when he appears to us
that he is the Vision
   of righteousness.
For his appearing.
   will put an end
      to injustice on earth.
It will be the salvation
   of those who love his 
So the evil that comes
   will be very great.
For his judgment of it
   will also be great.
Then all mankind.
   shall know
that he is Lord of all
when they.
   finally see his face
as he condemns
   that great evil.
But how evil
   can this world get
before it requires God
   to come out of heaven
just to take care of it?
It will be.
   the complete opposite
to the kingdom of God
   as it can possibly get. 
It will be the complete.
   opposite –
with the devil himself
   ruling it.
And then God himself
   will appear,
and he will
   change the world 
No longer.
   will the devil
      rule the earth.
No longer
   will there be
      an evil curse.
For God will remove.
   by his great power
this overwhelming 
So will Christ be glorified
   and no one know
      that he is here?
Or will they
   take no notice
      when he appears?
There will be multitudes
   gathered there. 
And they will be
   filled with awe
      when he appears.
For he will.
   draw all nations
      into judgment there.
And we shall see
   how well they fare.  108..



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