Second Coming of Christ

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 71

So when Jesus Christ.
   finally appears,
will they not know
   who he is?
Will they not know.
   why he’s here?
Will they wonder
   what it means?
Will the Vision
   not be clear?
Will he have to
   justify himself to them,
or explain to them
   who he is?
Will he have to.
   explain what right
      he has to judge, 
or the purpose
   for which he comes?
Will his coming.
   be unannounced?
Will the message
   not be clear?
Will the nations.
   never hear?
Will this planet
   ever learn?
In the highest heaven
   his glory is clear.
He is God,
   and there is no other.
There will be.
   no argument,
and he will not
   debate with them.
God is totally justified.
   in whatever he does.
And his judgment
   of the world will be
      perfectly just.
For the truth
   shall be declared.
And the world
   will be prepared.
For God will send.
   a messenger 
so that all the world
   may finally hear.  109
And the message.
   will become so straight
      and clear,
until all God need do
   when he appears
is to look on those.
   gathered there
and judge them with a
There will be no excuse
   left to them.
They will have
   only themselves
      to blame.
They will not be able.
   to say with scorn
that they have not 
   been warned.
For the world.
  will have been warned
     for thousands of years,
until the ends of the 
      will have heard...



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