God, angels, and reason

The Truth Is God



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Chapter 9

The truth will be.
   completely revealed,
and fate shall be
   forever sealed.
God will be glorified.
His righteousness.
   will be Most High. 
He will be exalted
   to the ultimate extreme
until heaven itself
   is manifested,
and everything is serene.
how many facts
   must manifest
so that there is no more
that God Most High.
   truly exists
and that he is the
   Creator of heavenly 
Must God take on.
   physical form?
Must heaven be
   measured for
      length and width?
   this is what will happen
so there is no more
   argument that might
that God in heaven
   does not live.
So then how will
  all the facts demonstrate
     what is correct?
How will creation
the truth by which
   all things live?
The only reason
   that creation exists
is to create the facts
   that logic permits.
And creation itself.
   only exists
because it does what is
with its own existence.
So creation will manifest.
   creatures who live
by doing what is
with their own survival
   and existence.
And the precepts of life.
   by which all things exist
will be shown by
  the ways they behave
  so they may continue to
God did not create them
   so they would destroy
And it’s not their purpose
   to destroy the world. 
For nothing can exist.
which produces its
   very own destruction.
All the facts must agree
  and coexist in harmony.
Or else,.
   nothing at all can exist
      in this reality.
   it is a precept of life
that every creature alive
should care for itself
   and those of its kind.  12..

12. In other words, I believe life arose as a process of adaptation as creatures with better survival skills gained advantage over creatures that did not. Survival skills are enhanced by a better awareness of one's environment and competitors. This process eventually led to creatures with self-awareness and intelligence.



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