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. Originally, this book was not separated into parts. But it seems natural to separate it between the part that addresses the past and the part that addresses the future. . Part 1 mostly dealt with general principles and past events, but Part 2 deals with future events predicted to come.

. There is usually more apprehension with regard to the future since we cannot do anything about the past, but all our hopes and concerns are about what may come. So it seems necessary to prepare the reader for the rest of the book.

. I do not say when these predictions in this book will come true, and I don't mean to imply that they necessarily have to do with the present circumstances. But Part 2 starts immediately with dire predictions of a natural disaster that will cause world-wide panic. . This sets up a contest over who is worthy to rule the world, and what principles should motivate behavior in those days. There will be prophets preaching faith in God on the one hand and kings forcing obedience on the other. . Ultimately, it is Christ who will rule by faith in God. And the book culminates in a detailed description of a Final Judgment, where many will be resurrected to eternal life, and many more will be condemned to a literal hell.

. These events are predicted in the bible for the last days. And I put some effort into describing how to recognize the characters involved, such as the beast and false prophet, the two witnesses of Revelation, and the Israel of God. . Even here I do not mention names or races or nations or religions by name, other than what is already mentioned in the bible. . My intent here is to describe the purposes involved and the motivations of the players that inspire their actions. Together with the footnotes, Part 2 can be used to help understand the book of Revelation.

. I'm not claiming to be a prophet. I do not hear voices, and technically, I did not say, "Thus says the LORD". I continue with the method used in Part 1. . With Scripture and reason as my guide, together with dreams I've had, I follow what honestly should be expected given the purposes and goals involved about which I write. . This has led me to believe that these predictions will come to pass. Perhaps this can be considered prophesying in proportion to one's faith
(Romans 12:6).

. Be strong and don't fear. Your salvation is drawing near.

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I feel some level of maturity and appreciation for my efforts is required to read the rest of the book. .


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